Welcome to CAFU (France Uzbekistan Business Club), franco-Uzbek Business Club!

This is a community of French (as well as European) and Uzbek companies, a platform for negotiations, exchange of information, which allows to develop and strengthen business relations between France and Uzbekistan.

The conceptual rethinking of the existing system in Uzbekistan and the beginning of large-scale transformations in all spheres, launched in 2017, opened up new opportunities for attracting large foreign investors and prompted us to create this CAFU business community.

Uzbekistan has been called “the most reformed country in the world” and, speaking of an “economic revolution”, indeed, many key economic reforms have been carried out in recent years with the aim of improving the business climate, which is one of the main priorities for our government.

2020 will also be a very ambitious year, and began with the introduction of a new “Law on Investment and Investment Activity”, a large-scale privatization program, banking reforms, further improvement of intellectual property rights and others.

The country is going through a complex and lengthy process of renewal, which is moving with positive dynamics. And so, we live in a very interesting time, a time of challenges and trials. Understanding that challenges must open up new opportunities, we are here to bring these countries together as well as stakeholders. As an effective platform for communication, business interactions and the exchange of business ideas, we plan to provide club members with reliable analytical information and expertise. The club business community is a real tool for interaction with government agencies, representing the interests of companies and entrepreneurs, finding potential investors and promoting business development.

We are very proud that the creation of CAFU was supported by the Embassy of France in Uzbekistan, and today the Embassy of France, as well as the Embassy of Uzbekistan in France are our partners.