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Since February 2020, Arsen has been the Deputy General Director of Expert Petroleum for Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, specializing in maximizing the potential of mature oil and gas fields through direct investments and proven technologies. He spent most of his career with the French company CIFAL Groupe, where he started as Business Development Manager / Operations Manager to the position of CIFAL Director in Kazakhstan (member of the Board of Directors), including internal trainings in the Middle East (UAE, Qatar). In addition, he has been a business development manager for a large British company Aggreko in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan for the last 3 years. His 12+ years of experience covers international business development and business process support (B2B, B2G), project and stakeholder management (oil and gas, transport and infrastructure, utilities, mining), local branch and design companies (SPV), providing industrial and engineering services for large French industrial concerns such as Total, Suez, Vinci, Orano, Alstom. Arsène received a bachelor’s degree from the UzGUWL in Tashkent, a university degree from SciencesPo Toulouse and a master’s degree in political and economic sciences from the University of Toulouse UT1, France. He is fluent in Russian, French and English.

Mobile phone:

+99897 705 17 13